Kaabo Mantis Pro SE – 24 AH (2022) at WheelZen Rides

The special edition Mantis Pro SE electric scooter isn’t just any e-scooter. It’s an OG know around the world. When you’re ready to start going off road and hitting some trails, this is the e-scooter for you! With a 60V 18AH LG Samsung battery and dual 1000 W motors, you can hit speeds up to 45 mph and get up to 45 miles in range. The Pro SE is the most value per dollar dual motor scooter we carry. It performs on par with heavier hitters that carry higher price tags. It has top shelf features such Zoom hydraulic brakes, 10 x 3 inch street tires, front and rear suspension for ultra comfortable and nimble riding. This machine is built for carving around corners, speeding down straightaways, hitting trails, off-roading and bringing smiles for miles.

• up to 45 mph
• up to 45 miles in range
• 60V 24AH LG Battery
• dual 1000 W motors
• 9 – 12 hours charge time – 6 hours with a fast charger
• scooter weight – 65 lbs
• rider weight – up to 330 lbs
• finger throttle
• EY3 display
• Zoom hydraulic brakes
• 10” inner tube tires
• front and rear air shock suspension
• headlights, brake lights and deck lights
• turn signals and horn
• eco, turbo, single and dual motor options
• 1 year warranty