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At WheelZen Rides, we believe mobility is for everyone, and are dedicated to playing an essential role in the Personal Electric Vehicle (PEV) revolution to help contribute to and support the way people get around. 

Rapid design developments in battery technology, motion sensors, and other factors allow new electric vehicle devices to provide unique travel solutions that are safe, reliable, and affordable. 

As the premier destination for Las Vegas OneWheels, electric scooters, electric bikes, electric drift trikes, parts and accessories, our customers never have to worry about maintenance, repairs, device support, or access to real-time advice. We offer end-to-end PEV solutions under one roof. 

Our staff is committed to providing excellent customer service and achieving 100% satisfaction, starting with our ride before you buy policy to deliver solutions that allow you to get up, get out, and get moving on your preferred e-vehicle, at your preferred pace. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can become your local electric vehicle provider and partner, so you can choose an affordable transportation option that is right for you. 

Las Vegas’s OneWheel, Electric Scooter, Electric Bike and E-Drift Trike Dealer

WheelZen Rides believes no matter your transportation needs, there is a OneWheel, Electric Scooter, Electric Bike, E-Drift Trike in Las Vegas that is right for you. 

Our founders and support staff provide personalized services for customers throughout Nevada to ensure their purchase is backed by a partnership — not a fleeting trend. 

Our Las Vegas location provides full-service access to:

To learn more about how our personalized customer service can help you identify the electric riding option that is right for you, visit us in Las Vegas to take a free test ride or contact us directly to get your questions answered without delay. 

OneWheel Sales, Rentals & Repairs in Las Vegas, Nevada

We are Nevada’s #1 OneWheel Dealer. OneWheel is a self-balancing single-wheel electric board, like a longboard or snowboard that reacts to your heel-to-toe weight shifts, which speeds up and slows down based on your front-to-back body lean.

Easy to operate and drive, the OneWheel requires no specific skills to navigate, and comes loaded with benefits. 

Riding a OneWheel can help develop your core and lower body muscles, and help strengthen your ankles, knees, and hips as they adjust to the hovering movements. 

Because of OneWheel’s design and riding method, it also helps support and improve your balance, posture, and stance. 

And since OneWheels can traverse multiple terrains, riding on unleveled or rocky areas is no problem, making it a true mobility option that increases productivity without the need for costly fuel or maintenance. 

OneWheels go wherever you go and can be easily stored when not in use. 

Buy or rent a OneWheel in Las Vegas today and start moving fluidly throughout the city. 

E-Scooter Sales & Repairs in Las Vegas, Nevada

Electric Scooters are more than a trending transportation option. They are a convenient, portable, and affordable way to get to work, school, or lunch with friends without paying for parking, waiting for a ride, or in congested Las Vegas traffic. 

Unlike other large cities, Las Vegas does not allow companies like Lime or Bird to place scooters on street corners or provide the ride and drop services. 

Having access to your very own scooter remedies any need to rent and places more control over the vehicle’s customization and maintenance in your hands. 

The E-Scooter’s portability, eco-friendliness, and lack of noise pollution are added benefits to its low operating costs and potential to revolutionize the way we travel. 

No more costly Uber or cab fees, fuel expenses, or public transportation costs. Simply charge up, hop on, and make it across town a lot faster than you would on foot, or while waiting in traffic on the Las Vegas strip. 

Purchase your very own using our ride before you buy service to ensure you are getting exactly what you want from our leading Nevada dealer. 

Going forward, WheelZen Rides will be here for maintenance, repairs, and troubleshooting advice that allows you to focus on getting where you are going without interruption. 

E-Bike Sales, Maintenance & Repairs in Las Vegas, Nevada

WheelZen Rides provides a variety of Electric Bikes that are easier to ride than traditional bikes — not to mention a lot more fun!

The best part? E-bikes provide ultimate versatility with three diverse ways to ride. 

Riders can enjoy the e-bike in a way that fits their mood or schedule by pedal-only, pedal-assist, and throttle-only options. We also provide a variety of compatible accessories, so you can customize your riding experience to match your needs.

Not only is it easier to ride than a traditional bike, but it can make quick work of hills, inclines, and rough terrain, allowing for longer rides without physical exhaustion.

E-bikes provide a host of other benefits, including the opportunity to change pace, exercise, and take in the scenery and fresh air to help improve mood, reduce stress, and increase productivity.

When it is not in use, it stores as easily as a traditional bike. 

If you have questions about E-Bike capabilities or would like to test ride the model of your choice before you buy, contact WheelZen Rides today to get all the answers you need to make an informed decision about your purchase. 

We also provide maintenance and repair services, so you are never without the support you need to maximize your e-bike’s benefits. 

E-Drift Trike Sales, Maintenance & Repairs in Las Vegas, Nevada

Reminiscent of everyone’s childhood favorite, the Big Wheel, these high-performance electric drift trikes combine technology with coasting capabilities that offer a thrilling ride, no matter the rider’s experience level. 

The E-Drift Trike’s quality build takes on bumps and turns effortlessly while providing exceptional maneuverability to pull off the best drifts and coolest tricks.

Whether you want to prioritize sturdiness and stability over drifting — or vice versa — you can control the speed and lean on the power of the solidly built trike frames on your own or with other riders to burn off stress and enjoy the ride. 

At WheelZen Rides, all e-drift trike sales are supported at our Las Vegas shop, including maintenance and repair needs that will keep you drifting for years to come. Contact us now to learn more about these exciting rides, and how you can get your hands on one without delay. 

Top-Quality Personal Electric Vehicles, Accessories, Safety Gear & More in Las Vegas

At WheelZen Rides, we are more than your headquarters for Las Vegas OneWheel and E-Scooter sales and E-Bike and E-Drift Trike purchases.

We specialize in customer satisfaction, and partner with visitors, locals, Nevada residents, and out-of-state guests who are searching for the perfect OneWheel or E-Scooter purchase in Las Vegas, and E-Bike or E-Drift Trike buyers who are ready to make electric transportation part of everyday life. 

To complement our OneWheel and E-Scooter sales in Las Vegas, and help support out E-Bike or E-Drift Trike buyers, WheelZen Rides offers:

  • Electric Scooter Repairs
  • Electric Bike Repairs
  • Electric Drift Trike Repairs
  • PEV Accessories
  • Safety Gear
  • Apparel 

No matter where you are in Nevada, WheelZen Rides can help you choose the perfect electric vehicle to fit your needs. Contact us today to partner with the OneWheel, electric scooter, electric bike, electric drift trike, and parts and accessories leaders in Las Vegas. 

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