Kaabo Mantis King GT at WheelZen Rides

The Mantis King GT is Kaabo’s best all-around electric scooter. Mantis King GT weighs less than 80 lbs and boasts a nimbler, racier ride. It’s got all the tech and comfort upgrades from the Grand Touring series: thumb throttle, sine wave controllers, a large centered display and more. Along with advanced technology and improved construction, it has a higher water resistance rating and quicker folding mechanism than previous models. It hits harder, feels better, rides faster, and is straight-up stronger. This is Kaabo’s newest luxury commuter. The Wolf King GT has a flashy frontend, rear swingarms and dual-colored deck for drive-by appeal.

• up to 44 mph
• up to 56 miles in range
• 60V 24AH LG Battery
• dual 1100 W motors
• 6 hours charge time – 2.5 hours with a fast charger
• scooter weight – 74 lbs
• rider weight – up to 265 lbs
• thumb throttle
• 4.2″ TFT display
• Zoom hydraulic brakes
• 10 x 3” Hybrid Pneumatic Inner Tube
• Dual Hydraulic – Dial Adjustable Suspension
• headlights, brake lights and ambient deck lights
• turn signals and horn
• single and dual motor options
• 1 year warranty