Fiik Drift Trike at WheelZen Rides

Nothing slides and drifts like a Fiik Drifter! Drifting is a unique outdoor activity and one of the most enjoyable experiences. It’s the first of it’s kind, it’s a the only rear-wheel drive electric drift trike on the market. Thanks to the two high torque brushless motors the drifter can drift uphill, on flat ground and downhill with no issues. If your looking for a thrill ride that can deliver great drifts   and addictive tricks, this a the electric drifter you want. With a top speed of up to 25 mph, you can expect a great momentum to get your adrenaline going and a whole new set of endorphins will be popping off!

The 10×5 inch Go-Kart wheels on the Fiik Electric Drifter are durable and can be fitted with drift sleeves which are specifically designed for drifting. If you don’t feel like drifting you can always take off the drift sleeves and enjoy the ride without them. It’s like 2 machines in one. Built from a full alloy frame, the drifter is tough, solid and won’t let you down. The hybrid front brakes gives you unbelievable control which is ideal for the drifting experience. New users and experienced riders say it is easy to get used to riding the drifter.

The LCD control panel with 4 speed levels can easily be viewed and accessed by the rider. Charge up the 50.4V / 12.5Ah lithium battery and ride up to 15 to 45 minutes on a single full charge. Dimensions are 59l x 34h x 38w inches. Weighing only 77 lbs this thing is a blast for anyone who enjoys to drift or just ride. Come and get one at WheelZen Rides today!